What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a medical specialty that involves injecting small quantities of natural extracts, homeopathic agents, pharmaceuticals, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes into the middle layer of skin. It can be used to eliminate cellulite, promote weight loss, treat aging skin and redundant (sagging) skin, rejuvenate the hands and neck and in replenishing hair loss.

On what areas of the body can cosmetic Mesotherapy be used?

Mesotherapy may be used for cellulite, body fat reduction, weight loss, facial rejuvenation and eye fat pads.

How does Mesotherapy reduce cellulite?

This skin condition affects over 90% of females regardless of their weight or age.  The lumpy and dimpled appearance of the skin that usually appears on the hips, buttocks, legs, and midsection is the result of connective tissue bands that hold down areas of the skin, trapping the fat while other areas bulge outward, thereby resulting in the undesirable “orange peel” appearance. There are four stages of cellulite. each of which may require different treatment:

Stage 0: No visible cellulite, even when skin is pinched

Stage 1: No visible cellulite when standing or lying down: however, cellulite can be seen when skin is pinched.

Stage 2: Visible cellulite when standing, but not when laying down

Stage 3: Visible cellulite when standing or laying down

The blend of medications are delivered to the cellulite sites by standard injections. The injected customized blend of drugs interact with the fat cell, encouraging the cell to release the fat within and allowing it to be burned as fuel.  It also improves blood flow and lymphatic drainage of the target area, removes the fibrotic, connective tissue bands, and melts the excess fat deposits. This results in a significant reduction of the “orange peel” skin appearance and in the loss of inches from the treated areas allowing for a smooth dimple-free appearance of the skin. Cellulite is a chronic condition and so the process of correcting it may require 10-15 sessions.

Can Mesotherapy be used for facial rejuvenation?

Mesotherapy is used to treat aging, sagging, wrinkling or lifeless skin involving the face and neck. It is also used to stop the progression of wrinkling and to rejuvenate ashen complexions. Mesotherapy helps to shrink fat from under the neck, remove free radical damage. and tighten loose skin. The effects rejuvenate the face, eyelids and neck without the unnatural appearance and painful recovery of surgical alternatives

Are there any side effects?

When mesotherapy is performed using needles and syringes to inject the medications, the majority of the patients will experience minimal discomfort. Some patients may feel minimal local pain, a minor burning sensation for a few hours, and temporary bruising. Itching and soreness may be experienced for a few days. Like any other injectable product, an allergic reaction may occur in some patients. The procedure is performed in the office and takes minutes to complete.

How many treatments are required before I see results?

It depends on the patient’s body and the extent of the fat/cellulite/skin to be treated. Some patients see results after one treatment session while most patients require three to five (3 – 5) treatments to notice results. Often the patient’s clothing will become looser and the patient will appear thinner. Mesotherapy is more about losing inches than losing large amounts of weight. Some patients may require five to fifteen (5 – 15) treatments, and sometimes more.

Proper dietary lifestyle and nutritional supplementation are essential to achieve the best long-term results. Because aging is a dynamic process that cannot be stopped, mesotherapy injections are useful in preventing against the ravages of aging. Maintenance treatments of the face, neck, arms, and hands may be needed two to four (2 – 4) times a year

Can I go back to work after treatment?

  1. Yes. This office procedure takes less than 30 minutes per session and requires little preparation or recovery time. No heavy bandage or compression girdles are required.
  2. How often can treatments be done?
  3. In general, once every ten to fourteen days.
  4. Are there any restrictions?
  5. General restrictions vary depending upon the area(s) and the condition that was treated.

» Avoid vigorous exercise for forty-eight (48) hours.

» Avoid hot showers for six to eight (6 – 8) hours.

» Avoid application of makeup four (4) hours.

» Use loose clothing around the area treated immediately following the injections.

  1. Will the fat that was removed from the treated areas return?
  2. Mesotherapy removes the fat from the fat cell without destroying it. This helps your skin regain its natural appearance. If you gain weight after having mesotherapy, the fat will simply return to the treated area. The failure rate of mesotherapy has shown to be low (8%). Exercise and diet in addition to mesotherapy have shown the best long-term results.
  3. Who is a candidate for mesotherapy?
  4. Healthy males and females are candidates for mesotherapy. Pregnant women, those with insulin dependent diabetes, severe heart disease, history of stroke or ischemic attack, recent cancer, cutaneous lesions, allergies to mesotherapy components, or those who are taking blood thinning medications, are not candidates for mesotherapy.
  5. Is mesotherapy different from liposuction?
  6. Yes. Mesotherapy is a non-surgical medical treatment. Mesotherapy removes the fat from the fat cell, where liposuction removes the entire fat cell. Liposuction is a surgical procedure that requires anesthesia (local, regional, or general). Mesotherapy does not require anesthesia nor recovery time. However, mesotherapy is not a replacement for liposuction. Mesotherapy is applicable for the reduction of small areas of unwanted fat spots, cellulite and skin rejuvenation. Mesotherapy is best suited for men and women who are not excessively overweight but, instead, have certain problem areas with stubborn fat that can no longer be reduced by diet and exercise. These patients want liposuction but are hesitant to undergo a surgical procedure. The downside with mesotherapy is mainly that the results are gradual when compared with the immediate results that liposuction offers.

Mesotherapy has shown excellent results to smoothen and reduce uneven fat spots that may persist after liposuction, thereby avoiding the need for additional touch-up liposuction procedures. Mesotherapy and liposuction are not competitive procedures but, rather, they complement each other. In our experience, mesotherapy injections have shown great results when combined with liposuction. Mesotherapy is an excellent initial alternative to liposuction for minor to medium body sculpting of specific areas of the body such as the stomach, upper arms, thighs, chin, hips, and so forth

Mesotherapy Treatments

TGIF Growth factors stimulation

Promotes the synthesis of growth factors and proper disposal of extracellular matrix restoring ski vitality, keeping its elastic consistency.  Triggers natural growth factor activity by stimulating fibroblast to optimize repair and revitalization.

-For best results a minimum of 6 sessions, spaced 7 to 15 days apart.

SOFT-FILL Rejuvenation treatment

Combines the activity of a powerful hydrating agent giving to the outer layer of your skin hydration and elasticity along with great antioxidant protection. A superficial rejuvenation treatment to help diminish fine lines and wrinkles.  Powerful humectants re-hydrate the skin, firm and increase volume to wrinkles.  This product helps prolong any Juverderm treatment by keeping the dermis nicely hydrated with Hyaluronic Acid, the same material that filler is made of!

-For best results a minimum of 3 sessions, spaced 15 days apart

SNAP 6-7-8  Wrinkle smoothing treatment

This powerful peptide formula inhibits repetitive facial muscle fibers, preventing the appearance of wrinkles and the formation of expression lines.  SNAP proteins disable the SNARE complex which causes less efficient release of neurotransmitters.  This discourages repetitive muscle contraction thus lessening the formation of wrinkles.  Great alternative to botox!  Quick fix for any special event

-For best results a minimum of 6 sessions, spaced 7 days apart

HYALURONIC ACID Hydrating treatment

An intensive revitalizing action for therapeutic approach to dehydration and mild photo-aging.  Not only does this treatment provide you with instant hydration and plumping to the skin it also helps stimulate fibroblast activity making it a great rejuvenation treatment.

-For best results a minimum of 3 sessions, spaced 7 to 15 days apart


Mesotherapy Treatment Description:

Techniques used in mesotherapy treatment for hair loss are derived from mesotherapy. You will hear about proprietary approaches such as Mesoplasty® or MesoHair, which have both shown positive results with hair re-growth in both men and women.

Using a specialized cocktail, your scalp is essentially given a vitamin boost which can improve the blood circulation in this area. Better circulation allows your hair follicles to be better nourished…all of which can improve hair re-growth.

With mesotherapy, treatment for hair loss will be done via injection as opposed to . This helps to make mesotherapy treatment for hair loss faster as well as potentially less painful.

Over time, the mesotherapy solution will neutralize the DHT hormone, causing hair to grow again.

You may need as many as five sessions of this mesotherapy treatment for hair loss over a period of four to six months before you see significant results. Your mesotherapist will let you know if your particular case requires more or less treatment.

Inno-caps 60 day supply anti-hair loss supplement

Composed of active ingredients specifically indicated to slow down hair loss. It increases the hair volume and rejuvenates the hair follicle.

8 treatments of Hair Revival micro-needling therapy

8 treatments of Hair loss control mesotherapy injections

60 day supply of Hair inno-caps a anti-hair loss supplement

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