Cutera 3D Skin Rejuvenation



Limelight IPL Facial

The LimeLight Facial at California Cosmetics is a new, non-invasive approach to treating benign pigmented and vascular lesions using Cutera’s LimeLight.

Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis is non-invasive and scientifically proven to produce new collagen that helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, scars, & more.

Titan XL

Titan XL Skin Tightening is a non-surgical solution that tightens skin and reverses signs of aging by using light energy to stimulate new collagen growth

Pearl Laser

The Pearl procedure combines the impact of resurfacing lasers with the gentleness and safety of non-invasive procedures to treat aging and sun-damaged skin.

Cutera 3D

The Cutera 3D process combines the LimeLight Facial, Laser Genesis, and Titan XL skin Tightening to treat spider veins, brown spots, large pores and fine wrinkles.

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