About Us

Welcome to California Cosmetics, a premier Southern California med spa with locations in Newport Beach and Corona, CA. Our story started with a power couple: medical director Dr. Jeffrey Barczak and CEO Lea Barczak. Their vision began as a way to empower friends and family through beauty, but it grew into a mission to revolutionize the conversation around cosmetic treatments.

Today, California Cosmetics is a thriving med spa run by an exceptionally trained team of aesthetics pros. It’s your place to enhance what makes you look and feel gorgeous—and to know you’re getting the very best every step of the way.

Bringing a Vision to Life

California Cosmetics began in 2011 when Dr. Barczak started injecting as a practicing anesthesiologist. Back then, cosmetic injectables weren't as mainstream as they are today. People were still pretty intimidated by medical aesthetics, and there was a lot of speculation and taboo around potentially getting botched.

He and Lea knew they needed to identify why people were so hesitant about cosmetic treatments and use tools like social media to change the conversation.

Dr. B started injecting friends and family and posting BOTOX® and JUVÉDERM® before-and-after photos online, which were hard to come by at the time. The demand quickly got so high that they saw the need to open this concept up to the public. Lea was the brains behind opening the office, using her experience managing a dermatology practice to bring the vision to life. They opened our Corona location in 2015 and expanded to Newport Beach just 2 years later.

After honing her skills alongside a renowned plastic surgeon, Alisha DeRossett, an esteemed professional with over 20 years of experience in the cosmetics industry, joined forces with the Barczaks in 2017 adding even more value to the practice. 

Individually, California Cosmetics owners have honed their craft over countless years, acquiring a deep understanding of the art and science of aesthetics. From facial rejuvenation to body contouring, their collective wisdom ensures a comprehensive and tailored approach to every client’s needs.

Revolutionizing the Cosmetic Conversation

From the beginning, Lea and Dr. B had a way of making people feel comfortable talking candidly about their insecurities. They made it their mission to strip away the stigma around cosmetic treatments and show clients the power of investing in themselves.

Part of that mission involved getting the world of medical aesthetics online for the first time. They began working with influencers and harnessing the power of social media to open up the conversation in a whole new way.

They also developed our signature "package concept" to make treatments more accessible and understandable for people who aren’t trained medical professionals.

Training Injectors to Deliver the Best

As an anesthesiologist, Dr. B has a heightened ability to navigate needles and apply precise attention to every detail of a cosmetic injection. When he crossed over from the clinical side to the world of aesthetics, it came very naturally.

As California Cosmetics grew early on, Dr. B and Lea made it a priority to hire and train only the best injectors in Orange County. After all, a med spa is only as good as its medical staff.

Today, our injectors all go through an intensive 3-step interview process:

  • We make sure that we see them interact with patients.
  • We perform a 360° evaluation.
  • We put them through an intensive 4-month, 5-day-a-week training, where they learn about every component of the treatments and procedures we offer.

Beyond being super-talented and specially trained, our injectors are all extremely passionate about what they do—they live and breathe bringing out the best in you.

Designing a Better Office Experience

Our office vision truly came to life when we opened our Newport Beach location. We were able to design every aspect of the office and tailor it to the client experience, from the inviting reception area to the gorgeous and glamorous treatment rooms. We never want you to feel that doctor’s office PTSD when you visit us. Think of our space as a boutique, a salon, and a welcoming destination for getting glam.

Empowering You Through Aesthetics

Lea, Dr. B, and all our injectors share the common philosophy that clients are to be treated like royalty. We value being honest and transparent about expectations and following through with procedural excellence and stunning results.

We like to set clear expectations from the start, and we’ll always be real with you:

  • We’ll let you know what’s really possible with your treatment. We’re all about enhancing—not creating. We can’t build you a brand-new jawline, but we can make yours look the best it ever has.
  • We’ll break your treatment up into sessions if needed. If it’s not realistic to achieve your goals in one visit, we’ll set you up with a customized treatment schedule.
  • We’ll get you the results you deserve, even if they’re not from us. We have a referral network of plastic surgeons whose work is up to our standards. If a nonsurgical route isn’t right for you, we’ll put you in touch with someone we trust.

We never want you to think we’re pushing you to move on a procedure that will not live up to your expectations. We’re all about empowering you to discover the very best in yourself—we’re just here to help.

Let’s Do This

Ready to look and feel as incredible on the outside as you are on the inside? Let’s make it happen together at our Newport Beach and Corona, CA, medical spas. Give us a call or text us at (855) 977-1982. Did you know you can meet with an injector to talk about your treatment without leaving home? Check out our virtual consultations.