ARMÈE Lip Augmentation Care Kit

This expertly crafted lip care kit helps you prepare for and manage aftercare for lip filler or other lip augmentation procedures. This luxurious kit is made in collaboration with aesthetic specialists and makeup artists with premium ingredients to provide your lips with luxurious care.

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ARMÈE Lip Augmentation Care Kit


Whatever your idea of flawless lips, ARMÈE Cosmetics provides you with luxurious lip care support to create a lip enhancement journey that is as flawless as it is fabulous!

ARMÈE Cosmetics has collaborated with world-class lip augmentation specialists and makeup artists to produce a complete lip augmentation care kit that will give your lips the luxurious care it deserves and help you feel prepared and confident pre-and post-treatment.

The kit includes:

  • Microcrystal sugar scrub
  • Intensive lip hydrator
  • Dual correcting concealer
  • Matte liquid lipstick

Add this lip care kit to your cart and choose from 4 different shades: Takeko Honey, Athena Dust, Boadicea, and Nefertiti Nude. You can also contact us to learn more.

How to use ARMÈE Lip Augmentation Care Kit

  • For optimal results start with the ARMÈE Lip Scrub, lightly massage a small amount onto the lips and gently exfoliate before removing with a warm washcloth.
  • Follow by applying a generous amount of the ARMÈE Lip Hydrator to the lips to renew, soothe and smooth.
  • Should any color correction be required, apply a small amount of the peach end of the ARMÈE Dual Ended Concealer to any darkbruises or a small amount of the lavender end to any yellow or lighter bruises for coverage.
  • Complete your look with your favorite ARMÈE Matte LiquidLipstick color for a smooth and luxurious finishing touch of lasting coverage. 

What’s in the ARMÈE Lip Care Kit

The ARMÈE Cosmetics lip care kit is an all-in-one solution that fills a void in the market. It is the ideal kit to help you prepare your lips before lip injections and maintain them thereafter. 

The kit includes:

  • Lip Scrub: Exfoliating sugar scrub with jojoba oil and shea butter, ideal for pre and post-lip augmentation to maintain smooth lips.
  • Lip Hydrator: Contains hyaluronic acid, arnica, and antioxidants for intense hydration and healing support before and after lip augmentation. Arnica also helps reduce swelling and bruising.
  • Correcting Concealer: Dual-ended concealer with peach and lavender ends to address different stages of bruising post-procedure.
  • Matte Liquid Lipstick: Aesthetic, moisturizing lipstick with lasting matte coverage, perfect post-procedure. Available in four shades.
  • Microcrystal sugar scrub

From procedure preparation to the new-look celebration, With the ARMÈE Cosmetics Lip Augmentation Care Kit, you will have the confidence to conquer every day. Explore ARMÈE’s lip care range, or purchase this kit in 4 different variations Takeko Honey, AthenaDust, Boadicea, and Nefertiti Nude

Key ingredients in the ARMÈE Lip Care Kit


Hydrating, wound healing, smooths skin texture, anti-aging


Anti-inflammatory, speeds up wound healing


Promotes healthy skin (moisturizing and preventing wrinkles), helps with wound healing, reduces inflammation


Hydrating, wound healing, smooths skin texture, anti-aging


Antioxidant that can protect the skin from free radicals, stimulates collagen production, and reduce hyperpigmentation.


Hydrating, wound healing, smooths skin texture, anti-aging

What does Dr. B have to say about ARMÈE Lip Augmentation Care Kit....

Learn about the ARMÈE Lip filler care kit from our founder, Dr. Jeffrey Barczak, and discover the reason why this lip augmentation care kit was created and its benefits for pre and post-treatment care.

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Frequently asked questions about Lumecca IPL Treatments

How to prepare for lip filler treatment

To prepare for lip filler treatment, ensure your lips are in optimal condition. Gently exfoliate with a sugar scrub to remove dead skin. Hydrate your lips regularly with a quality lip hydrator containing hyaluronic acid and arnica. Avoid blood-thinning medications or supplements to reduce the risk of bruising.

Lip filler aftercare: How to care for lip filler

After getting lip fillers, such as a hyaluronic acid dermal filler, prioritize gentle care. Keep lips moisturized with a hydrating lip product. Use beneficial ingredients, such as arnica to reduce swelling and bruising. Use a correcting concealer to address any bruising, and avoid excessive pressure or heat on the lips. Follow specific aftercare instructions provided by your aesthetician for best results.

We recommend the ARMÈE lip augmentation care kit developed with years of experience from combined specialists to help patients in preparation for lip augmentation and during lip injection aftercare.

Why is lip care important?

Proper lip care is crucial for maintaining healthy, smooth lips, especially when undergoing treatments like lip filler injections. Regular exfoliation removes dead skin, while hydration prevents dryness and cracking. Quality lip care products also aid in faster recovery post-treatment and enhance the overall results of lip augmentation procedures.

Purchase ARMÈE'S Lip Care Kit

Reward yourself with a luxury lip filler care experience from ARMÈE Cosmetics. Explore their exclusive Lip Augmentation Care Kit, designed for lip filler patients to help them prepare for and take care of their lips after treatments like BOTOX®, JUVÉDERM® and JEUVEAU®.