Medically Supervised Weight Loss Programs in California

Achieve lasting results with medically supervised weight loss programs in Corona and Newport Beach, California. Our tailored solutions focus on your overall health to ensure sustainable fat loss and improved body composition for a healthier, more confident you.

Medically Supervised Weight Loss


Overcome weight loss challenges with our medically supervised weight loss programs. 


Each program is tailored to your unique needs and incorporates prescribed medication, diet adjustments, fitness training, and hormone assessments to ensure effective, sustainable fat loss. 


These targeted solutions are designed to reduce body fat and enhance overall health and well-being. 


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Medically Supervised Weight Loss - A quick look

Medically Supervised Weight Loss (MSWL) delivers a personalized approach to weight loss for patients who have struggled to lose weight and achieve lasting results with conventional methods and products.

This program integrates personalized nutrition plans, strategic fitness training, hormone analysis and optimization to effectively target and reduce excess body fat while improving overall health.

Each patient undergoes a comprehensive health assessment, including detailed blood tests, to ensure the weight loss plan is optimized for their specific needs.

Ideal for individuals seeking a sustainable solution to weight challenges, MSWL supports long-term success in achieving and maintaining optimal wellness.

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At California Cosmetics, we are honored to be the go-to choice for renowned influencers looking for comprehensive medically supervised weight loss solutions.

Our focus on customized care and sustainable results makes us a leader in effective weight management.

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Meet Our Medically Supervised Weight Loss Specialist - Dr. Rodriguez

Introducing Dr. Nestor Rodriguez, our dedicated Weight Loss Specialist and Medical Director at Carbon World Health.

California Cosmetics is proud to collaborate with Dr. Rodriguez to provide top-tier weight management solutions at our Newport Beach and Corona locations.

As a board-certified emergency medicine physician with a strong background in sports medicine and cosmetic procedures, Dr. Rodriguez employs a holistic approach to help patients achieve and maintain optimal health.

Dr. Rodriguez's impressive academic achievements set the foundation for his distinguished career in private practice, where he collaborates with leading physicians in cosmetic, anti-aging, and sports medicine. His commitment to innovation and patient care makes him a sought-after specialist in his field.

Frequently asked questions about Medically Supervised Weight Loss

What is a medically supervised weight loss program?

A medically supervised weight loss program is a comprehensive approach designed to help individuals achieve and maintain weight loss through medical oversight.

This type of program typically includes an initial health assessment, weight loss medication, personalized nutrition and exercise plans, and ongoing support from healthcare professionals.

The goal is to promote sustainable weight loss by addressing dietary habits, lifestyle choices, and sometimes underlying medical conditions that contribute to weight gain.

What are the signs that you need medically supervised weight loss?

Signs that you may need medically supervised weight loss include:

  • Difficulty losing weight despite numerous attempts.
  • A body mass index (BMI) that classifies as obese.
  • Weight-related health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or sleep apnea.
  • Rapid weight gain without a clear cause.
  • Excessive hunger or inability to feel full.
  • Emotional eating or dependency on food for comfort.

These symptoms typically signal difficulties in managing weight through conventional methods alone. Patients with significant weight concerns may also find a structured, medical approach to treat obesity beneficial. If you identify with these signs, a medically supervised program could provide an effective solution. Arrange a professional MSWL consultation to assess whether this treatment program is suitable for your needs.

What are the benefits of medically supervised weight loss? 

Medically supervised weight loss programs offer a range of benefits for individuals aiming to achieve healthier body weight. These benefits include:

  • Optimized fat loss: Targeted strategies help effectively reduce body fat while preserving lean muscle.
  • Increased muscle strength: The program supports the building and strengthening of lean muscle, enhancing physical stamina and appearance.
  • Reduced cravings: Interventions help minimize cravings and control emotional eating, making it easier to adhere to dietary guidelines.
  • Metabolic reset: The approach resets your metabolism to function within a "normal" range, improving overall metabolic health.
  • Sustainable weight management: By establishing new dietary and exercise habits, you create a new, healthier weight baseline.

It is essential to consult with a weight loss specialist to explore these potential benefits of medically supervised weight loss tailored to your specific health needs and goals.

What to expect at your consultation for medically supervised weight loss:

At your consultation, you will receive a thorough evaluation to determine the status of your health and specific weight loss needs.

The consultation will include a review of your medical history, a discussion of your previous weight loss efforts, and an assessment of any underlying health conditions. A physical examination will be conducted, along with necessary blood tests and hormone level analysis to analyze your current health and metabolic status.

You will explore various weight loss strategies that are tailored to your individual requirements, learn about the benefits and possible challenges, and have the opportunity to ask questions and express any concerns. This ensures that you are fully prepared and informed about your personalized weight loss plan.

How does a medically supervised weight loss program work? 

A medically supervised weight loss program operates through a systematic, personalized approach. Initially, you undergo a thorough health evaluation, including medical history, physical examinations, and necessary lab tests to assess metabolic health and identify any underlying conditions.

Based on these insights, a tailored plan is crafted, incorporating diet modification, physical activity, behavioral strategies, and potentially weight loss medication or hormone adjustments. Continuous monitoring by healthcare professionals ensures the plan remains effective and safe, allowing for adjustments as needed. This comprehensive support aims to achieve sustainable weight loss and improve overall health.

How long will you need to undergo medically supervised weight loss?

The duration of a medically supervised weight loss program varies based on individual goals, health conditions, and the amount of weight to be lost.

Typically, programs can last from a few months to over a year. Throughout this time, patients work closely with healthcare professionals to adjust their personalized plans as progress is made and challenges arise.

The focus is not just on losing weight, but also on establishing healthy, sustainable habits that support long-term weight management and overall health improvement.

How much does medically supervised weight loss cost?

The cost of medically supervised weight loss varies widely, depending on factors such as the duration of the treatment, the location of the facility, the skill and expertise of your specialist, necessary medical tests, and any included medications, supplements or additional treatments.

Generally, treatment costs can range from $200 to $400 per month for basic programs to $500 to $3,000 for more comprehensive plans that might include personalized nutrition, frequent consultations, and advanced therapies.

During your initial MSWL consultation, you can receive a detailed estimate tailored to your individual health needs and weight loss goals.

When should you start a medically supervised weight loss program?

Starting a medically supervised weight loss program is advisable if you have struggled with weight management through conventional methods, have significant weight to lose, or suffer from health conditions related to obesity such as diabetes or heart disease.

It is also recommended for those who require a structured plan to maintain weight loss safely and effectively. Consulting with a healthcare professional can help determine the best time to begin your program based on your medical history and specific health needs, ensuring the program aligns with your overall health objectives.

What happens when you stop your medically supervised weight loss program?

Upon completing a medically supervised weight loss program, the goal is to have established sustainable eating and exercise habits that will help you maintain your new weight independently.

Stopping the program may increase the risk of regaining weight. It’s crucial to transition gradually, applying the strategies learned during the program and ensuring they are consistently applied.

Continuing periodic check-ins with your specialist can also help sustain long-term success, as they can provide ongoing support and adjust your maintenance plan as needed.

Side effects, risks and complications associated with medically supervised weight loss programs: 

Like any health intervention, medically supervised weight loss programs can carry potential side effects, risks, and complications.

Common side effects might include fatigue, nausea, constipation, or diarrhea, particularly if the diet plan includes significant changes in food intake or supplement use. There are also risks associated with rapid weight loss, such as gallstones or electrolyte imbalances.

For those prescribed weight-loss medications, potential side effects can include increased heart rate, high blood pressure, and other cardiovascular issues.

Before starting the program, a detailed assessment based on your specific health profile helps identify any potential risks. Throughout the program, continuous monitoring ensures that any adverse effects are managed promptly and adjustments are made to your plan to safeguard your health. This vigilant approach aims to minimize risks while effectively supporting your weight loss goals.

If you have concerns about the program or need more information on managing potential side effects, please schedule a consultation with our specialist in medically supervised weight loss. Our team is dedicated to ensuring a safe and effective treatment experience. 

Where can medically supervised weight loss programs be taken in California?

Medically supervised weight loss programs are available at various specialized health and wellness clinics and med spas throughout California.

At California Cosmetics, we offer comprehensive medically supervised weight loss programs at our state-of-the-art med spas in Corona and Newport Beach. These programmes include personalized diet plans, fitness regimens, medication, hormone therapy and more.

Our programs are led by a skilled specialist, Dr. Rodriguez, trained in the latest weight management techniques, ensuring a safe and effective path to your health goals.

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