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Types of non-surgical body contouring treatments

We provide a range of non-surgical body contouring procedures tailored to help you slim and reduce stubborn areas of fat across the body.

Our body contouring treatments include CoolSculpting, which relies on cryolipolysis to freeze and reduce unwanted fat cells, refining body contours. truSculpt Flex is another body contouring treatment, which utilizes electric muscle stimulation to strengthen, tone and firm targeted muscle areas.

Each of our non-surgical body contouring procedures are designed to provide precise results with minimal discomfort or recovery time.

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CoolSculpting body contouring treatments

An advanced non-surgical body contouring treatment for addressing concerns including stubborn pockets of fat in areas like the abdomen, thighs, and upper arms.

CoolSculpting provides an optimal fat reduction solution that stands as a safe and efficient alternative to surgical methods. Utilizing the science of cryolipolysis, CoolSculpting targets and fat cells, freezing them and causing them to be broken down and removed by the body. This reduces the number of fat cells present in the treated area, paving the way for you to achieve your ideal body shape with a more sculpted appearance.

With treatment times as short as one hour, no need for incisions, and zero downtime, it's easy to see why CoolSculpting has become the preferred choice for those looking to address concerns about stubborn pockets of fat.

Unlock your dream physique! Find out more about CoolSculpting and scheduling your appointment online today.

truSculpt flex and CoolSculpting combination treatment

A combination of our most popular body contouring treatments for maximum results.

We start with CoolSculpting, where the foundation is laid for your new curves by reducing stubborn fat deposits. Precisely controlled cooling eliminates fat cells providing effective, lasting results 1 to 3 months after your treatment.

Next, a series of truSculpt flex treatments are used to build, tone and firm muscle in the abdomen, glutes or thighs.

truSculpt flex uses electrical muscle stimulation to create deeper, more rapid contractions than possible with physical activity. The best results are usually achieved in a series of 4-6 sessions, and improvements can be seen up to 3 months post-treatment.

Achieve your desired figure with a combination package designed to provide precise body contouring and excellent results.

Explore CoolSculpting & truSculpt flex, and book your appointment online today.

Target areas for body contouring treatments

Whether it’s the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, or upper arms, we provide a range of treatments to eliminate excess fat, and tone muscles utilizing innovative technologies to help you achieve defined curves and contours.

A skilled aesthetic expert from our team can help you identify the most suitable non-surgical body contouring treatment to suit your aesthetic goals and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Explore our treatment areas for body contouring, and book your appointment online today.


Address concerns of stubborn fat around your abdomen including love handles and belly fat with our innovative non-surgical body contouring treatments.

A specialized medical professional will consult with you to tailor a treatment plan that targets and firms your abdominal area.

Schedule your consultation online today to embark on your path to a more toned and revitalized abdomen.


Eliminate excess fat from the outer and inner thighs with our state-of-the-art non-surgical procedures.

An experienced aesthetic specialist will help you find the ideal treatment to eliminate unwanted fat and help you achieve your thighs you’ve always wanted.

Schedule a consultation with an experienced aesthetic professional to start your treatment journey.

Upper arms 

Wave goodbye to flabby arms and unwanted fat with our cutting-edge non-surgical body contouring procedures.

These treatments are specifically designed to target the upper arm area, leaving you with sleeker, more defined arms.

Book your appointment online and consult with a skilled medical professional to discuss your goals and find an ideal treatment plan.

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With over a decade of experience in the field of medical aesthetics, Dr. Barczak ensures each procedure involves fine-tuned attention to deal and sophistication.

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Frequently asked questions about body contouring treatments

What is body contouring?

Body contouring encompasses a range of procedures designed to enhance the shape and tone of your body by addressing concerns like cellulite, unwanted fat, and sagging skin. These treatments can be surgical or non-surgical and aim to give you a more defined and contoured physique.

At California Cosmetics, we offer a comprehensive array of non-surgical body contouring treatment to tackle all these issues. Whether you're looking to smooth out cellulite, remove stubborn fat pockets, or lift and tighten sagging skin, our specialized treatments are tailored to meet your specific needs and aesthetic goals.

How long do body contouring results last?

The longevity of body contouring results can vary based on your lifestyle, diet, and exercise habits. For many patients, results can be long-lasting, especially when accompanied by a healthy lifestyle.

California Cosmetics prides itself on delivering durable and high-quality results, with many satisfied patients reporting long-lasting improvements.

How much does non-surgical body contouring cost?

Generally speaking, non-surgical body contouring procedures can cost anywhere from several hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. The cost of the treatment depends on a variety of factors, including the concern being addressed, the type of treatment and the number of sessions required, and more.

Non-surgical options are generally less expensive than surgery or liposuction, and provide effective results without the need for an invasive procedure.

Our truSculpt flex & CoolSculpting package includes either 4 treatments for $4800 or 6 treatments for $6600. We also offer flexible financing options, allowing you to choose from a range of payment terms that fit your budget. Say goodbye to financial stress and hello to the confident new you. Book your appointment online today.

What skin treatments are safe during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, it is important to prioritize the safety of both the mother and the baby. As a result, certain skin treatments are recommended to be avoided during this time. It’s generally advised to avoid treatments such as chemical peels, laser therapies, and certain topical skincare products that contain potentially harmful ingredients. However, treatments like HydraFacial® and gentle facials might be considered safe options during pregnancy. It’s always best to consult with an aesthetic specialist for personalized advice before you embark on any aesthetic or skincare treatments during pregnancy.

How does body contouring work?

Body contouring works by targeting and eliminating fat cells through various methods, such as fat freezing, electric stimulation or ultrasound.

At California Cosmetics, we use a combination of CoolSculpting and truSculpt flex treatments to effectively eliminate fat cells and tone target areas.

What is body contouring surgery?

Body contouring surgery involves invasive procedures like liposuction or abdominoplasty to remove large amounts of fat and excess skin.

At California Cosmetics, we do not offer surgical body contouring, but do offer offer a range of non-surgical body contouring treatments that are non-invasive and provide very effective results that improve over a period of 1-3 months.

Each procedure is performed by our highly skilled medical specialists who take your aesthetic goals into account and provide a tailored treatment plan.

What is non-invasive body contouring?

Non-invasive body contouring includes treatments that do not require incisions or anesthesia and generally have less or no downtime. Examples of non-invasive body contouring include procedures that eliminate fat using electric stimulation, fat freezing using cryolipolysis, or ultrasound technology.

California Cosmetics specializes in non-invasive treatments like CoolSculpting and truSculpt that provide effective results, minimal discomfort and recovery time.

How effective is body contouring?

The effectiveness of body contouring varies from patient to patient but is generally considered to be effective especially when aftercare instructions are followed, and a patient lives a healthy lifestyle, consumes a balanced healthy diet, and partakes in regular exercise.

At California Cosmetics, we offer a comprehensive consultation to outline an effective treatment plan tailored to help you achieve your desired results. 

What is the difference between body sculpting and body contouring?

Generally speaking, body contouring is a broader term that encompasses a range of procedures, both surgical and non-surgical, designed to improve the shape and tone of the body.

On the other hand, body sculpting is more commonly associated with non-invasive or minimally invasive treatments specifically designed to eliminate fat and define particular areas of the body. These methods usually focus on eliminating fat cells without the need for surgical intervention.

How much is full-body contouring?

A general estimate may range from $5000 - $10 000. However, since full body contouring covers multiple treatment areas, including the abdomen, arms, thighs and glutes, the cost will be dependent on the type of procedures and number of sessions required as well as the aesthetic goals of the patient.

For accurate pricing, you’ll need to discuss your treatment with your aesthetic specialist.

Book a consultation to find out more about our body contouring treatments.

How to afford body contouring:

To budget for body contouring you will need to consult with an aesthetic specialist to determine the correct course of treatment and the number of treatments required to help you achieve your desired results. Many clinics offer financing options or payment plans to make treatments more accessible and help you budget effectively.

California Cosmetics provides flexible financing options with trusted third-party lending partners, making it easier for you to achieve your desired look without breaking the bank.

How painful is body contouring for loose skin?

Discomfort levels vary by treatment and individual tolerance, but most non-invasive body contouring procedures are generally associated with minimal discomfort and downtime.

What to do after body contouring (recovery):

Recovery after body contouring procedures vary but it generally involves rest, hydration, and avoiding strenuous activities for a few days.

At California Cosmetics, we provide comprehensive after-care guidelines to ensure a smooth and efficient recovery process.

What are the side effects of body contouring?

Side effects can include redness, swelling, or bruising, but these usually subside within a few days.

Our team is committed to ensuring that any side effects are minimized and will provide thorough after-care instructions to help manage and mitigate any discomfort. Book an appointment online to schedule your body contouring consultation. 

What is cryolipolysis?

Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive technique used for fat reduction. It works by freezing fat cells beneath the skin, causing them to crystallize and die off. Over time, the body naturally eliminates these dead cells, resulting in a more contoured appearance. This method is especially effective for targeting stubborn fat pockets that are resistant to diet and exercise.

At California Cosmetics, cryolipolysis is the foundational technology behind our popular CoolSculpting treatment. These sessions are designed to provide significant fat reduction in targeted areas, with minimal discomfort and no downtime. Schedule an appointment with us to experience the transformative power of cryolipolysis through CoolSculpting.

What is electrical muscle stimulation?

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is a technology that uses electrical pulses to induce muscle contractions. By mimicking the action potential coming from the central nervous system, EMS can help to strengthen muscles and improve their tone. It's often used in rehabilitation settings, but in aesthetic treatments, it is utilized to firm, tone, and sculpt muscles.

Electrical muscle stimulation is a key component of our truSculpt Flex treatments. These sessions are personalized to your fitness level, shape, and ultimate aesthetic goals. TruSculpt Flex utilizes EMS to generate deep muscle contractions that are more intense than what you could achieve through regular physical activity, thereby enhancing muscle tone and definition. Book your consultation with us to see how truSculpt Flex can help you reach your body contouring goals.