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Achieve your aesthetic goals with a range of innovative non-surgical cosmetic procedures at our medical spas in Newport Beach and Corona, CA.

Our highly skilled professionals are dedicated to helping you achieve exceptional results with injectables, skin rejuvenation treatments, laser skin resurfacing treatments, body sculpting therapies and much more.

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With an outstanding reputation and rave reviews on Bark and social media, and endorsements from renowned influencers, you can rest assured that you’ll receive excellent care and advice.

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Our highly skilled team of aesthetic specialists is committed to helping you achieve your beauty aspirations while utilizing the latest techniques and medical advancements. 

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At our fully registered and certified med spa locations, we prioritize your well-being and aesthetic goals while providing patients with the highest standards of care and attention.

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Our most sought-after non-surgical treatments 

These are our patients’ most loved treatments! Unforgettable favorites, renowned for their incredible results and ability to help you achieve your dream look.

Explore our most popular treatments or book a virtual consultation to discuss a treatment plan that will help bring your unique goals to life.

Kissable Lips (Lip Augmentation)

Find out why Kissable Lips is the best lip augmentation package across Orange County and the Inland Empire.

This brag worthy treatment helps you achieve luxurious, full lips with minimal fuss - and keeps our patients coming back for more.

Explore the Kissable Lips (Lip Augmentation) package and book your appointment online today.

Kissable Lips includes:

  • 1 mL Syringe of JUVÉDERM® Ultra Plus XC

  • BOTOX® Lip Flip

  • Keyhole Pout Add-On

  • Arnica Healing Tablets

JUVÉDERM® (Dermal Fillers)

JUVEDERM is the top dermal filler treatment collection available across the globe. 

There are various JUVÉDERM® dermal filler products available, each designed to achieve a different result. These can be used to add volume to lips, smooth smile lines and wrinkles, and for facial contouring where it can be applied to cheeks, jawline, chin, under the eyes, and more. 

Explore JUVÉDERM® and book your appointment online today.

JUVÉDERM® (Dermal Filler) options: 




  • Ultra XC and Ultra XC-2 

Achieve stunning results with advanced non-surgical procedures

There is nothing better than the confidence that comes from feeling amazing in your own skin! It's our mission to help you discover that feeling with the help of specialized treatments performed by trained aesthetic professionals you can trust.

At our med spa locations in Newport Beach and Corona, our teams of aesthetic injectors and medical aestheticians will help you realize your dream look.

Whether you wish to reduce facial wrinkles and other signs of aging, return your skin to optimal radiance, enhance facial contours, or sculpt your dream silhouette - we’ve got you covered.

Explore our non-surgical treatments or book a virtual consultation to discuss your unique concerns and aesthetic goals.

Enhance beauty with expertly delivered injectable treatments

Discover the transformative power of our advanced injectables, expertly administered by our experienced team of aesthetic professionals.

Our injectable treatments including BOTOX®, Kybella and JUVÉDERM® (injectable dermal fillers) are versatile and are used to reduce lines and wrinkles, enhance facial contours, add volume to lips, deliver a Non-Surgical Nose Job (NSNJ), and much more!

Our aesthetic specialists will help you find the best injectable treatment to suit your unique concerns and goals. Explore our injectables, and book online to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists at our Corona or Newport Beach medical spas.

Experience the ultimate glow-up with our deep skin rejuvenation treatments

Reveal your inner radiance through our broad selection of superior comprehensive rejuvenation therapies. Expertly delivered by our aesthetic professionals.

We offer targeted treatments for a range of skin concerns, such as wrinkles, fine lines, uneven skin tone, dark spots, acne scars, visible signs of sun damage, and more. These treatments include Hydrafacials, PRP, Plasma Fibroblast Therapy, Morpheus8 RF Microneedling, and much more!

Our aesthetic specialists are here to help create your ideal skin care treatment strategy to address your specific skin concerns and desires. Explore our skin treatments, and conveniently book your appointment online at our Corona or Newport Beach medical spa.

Rejuvenate with precision using laser skin resurfacing treatments for a youthful appearance

Tap into the power of innovative laser technology to tackle a variety of skin issues.

Whether you're looking to correct sun spots, rosacea, age spots, or aiming to stimulate collagen production for skin tightening, our laser resurfacing treatments are effective at targeting wrinkles, fine lines, excessive redness, large pores, and uneven skin texture.

Our high-tech laser therapy treatments include Lumecca IPL, Cutera IPL, and Laser Genesis, designed to address diverse skin concerns with remarkable results.

Discover our laser treatments, and schedule your appointment online for a transformative experience at our medical spa.

Transform your figure with tailored body sculpting treatments

Unleash the power of our state-of-the-art body sculpting treatments, meticulously performed by our team of aesthetic professionals.

These non-invasive procedures are effective in reducing unwanted fat, cellulite, and sagging skin, delivering impressive, natural-looking results tailored to your unique aesthetic aspirations.

With CoolSculpting and TruSculpt, you can attain your desired body contours and elevate your confidence.

Explore our body sculpting options, or book a virtual consultation online today to start your journey towards a transformed physique.

Curated cosmetic injectable, skincare, and body shaping packages

Our treatment packages help you save big while providing targeted results to bring you closer to your dream look. Enhance your treatment experience with packages for facial rejuvenation, targeted skincare and body contouring.

You can trust our expert team to deliver stunning results and take your confidence to the next level.

Explore our treatment packages and book your appointment today!

All About the Face

Our signature facial treatment packages combine innovative procedures to provide a complete transformation and enhance facial features.

Packages including the Cleopatra Brow Lift, Non-surgical Nose Job or Snatched Jawline combine targeted treatments such as injectable fillers, to provide results that align with your aesthetic goals.

Achieve your dream look! Explore our signature approaches to non-surgical facial cosmetic treatments.

Skin Salvation

Our skin treatment packages combine highly effective treatments and techniques to address the most common skin concerns.

Our packages, Discoloration Correction, Rejuvenation Creation, and Clear Complexion, combine proven treatments such as hydra facials, micro-needling, chemical peels and more.

Unveil the best version of your skin clear, healthy and vibrant. Explore our signature skincare packages to find out more.

Body Beautiful

Sculpt your most beautiful body with our body contouring packages.

Define, contour, tone or firm the belly, booty, abs, thighs and other parts of the body with our Booty Boost and Body Contouring packages. These packages incorporate innovative treatments such as JUVÉDERM® dermal fillers, PDO threads, True Sculptinhttps://gem-3910432.netg, CoolSculpting and more.

Explore our signature body contouring packages to learn more.

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Top Influencers Trust California Cosmetics

California Cosmetics stands as the go-to destination for top influencers and beauty enthusiasts. Our modern facility, coupled with a team of experienced medical professionals, has garnered a reputation for providing outstanding outcomes and bespoke care.

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Explore our team of aesthetic professionals

The core of California Cosmetics is our outstanding team of medical professionals, fueled by a passion for patient-oriented care. Our aim is to deliver striking results while prioritizing your comfort. We are dedicated to helping achieve a youthful appearance with personalized treatments designed to align with your glam goals.

At the helm is our respected Medical Director and Owner, Dr. Jeffrey Barczak. With a decade's worth of experience in medical aesthetics and a background in cardiothoracic anesthesiology, Dr. Barczak brings a refined touch and meticulous care to every treatment he delivers. Our proficient team is also comprised of aesthetic experts, a business director, and Marketing Director, Lea Barczak.

Delve into the profiles of our team and Dr. Jeffrey Barczak. You can also book an appointment online to visit us at our premier medical spas nestled in Corona and Newport Beach, California.

Memberships for Aesthetic Procedures

Experience the dual benefits of impressive results and savings on your favorite non-surgical procedures and treatments by becoming a package member of California Cosmetics.

Our membership packages include the Tox Membership, Tox & More Membership, Deluxe Hydrafacial Membership, and Skin Goals Membership, all tailored to meet your aesthetic aspirations.

Get access to exclusive promotions and additional benefits such as discounts on skincare and lashes at the time of your appointments, along with redeemable ALLĒE points.

Begin your membership journey at California Cosmetics today!

Monthly specials & VIP Access to California Cosmetics’ Medical Spas

Let us make your beauty journey transformative and rewarding.

Our special memberships grant you access to monthly specials, featuring exceptional savings on some of our most sought-after treatments.

Elevate your experience even further by becoming a California Cosmetics VIP. This gives you early access to exclusive promotions, loyalty rewards, and special invitations.

Stay informed about our monthly specials and VIP exclusives to maximize your California Cosmetics experience.

Realize Your Aesthetic Vision with Our Flexible Financing Options

Investing in your desired aesthetic should be an achievable goal not a source of stress. We're devoted to helping our patients realize their beauty aspirations within their budget constraints.

By partnering with trusted third-party lenders, we're able to offer flexible payment terms of 6 - 12 or even 24 - 84 months, reducing the initial cost of any treatments, procedures, or packages.

Discover more about our financing options for aesthetic treatments, or contact us for any further queries.

Learn more about non-surgical cosmetic procedures & aesthetic medicine

Whether you’re looking to learn more about injectables, skin treatments, laser treatments or body contouring, our blog can help you learn more about your favourite treatments or find something completely new.

With our blog, we dive deeper into specific non-surgical cosmetic procedures and explore the latest advancements in aesthetic medicine. We also compare particular procedures that target similar concerns to provide advice that can help you find the ideal procedure to match your aesthetic goals.

Explore our blog content and contact us if you’d like to find out more about a procedure or book your appointment.

Frequently asked questions about non-surgical cosmetic procedures 

What is an aesthetic treatment?

“Aesthetic treatment” is a broad term for procedures and therapies designed to enhance or alter an individual's physical appearance. This can encompass a wide range of both surgical and non-surgical treatments, targeting various areas of the face or body. 

What are non-surgical cosmetic procedures?

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures are treatments that aim to improve, enhance, or alter an individual's appearance without the need for invasive surgery. They include a wide range of treatments, from injectables like BOTOX® and dermal fillers to laser skin resurfacing treatments, body sculpting techniques, and various other skin rejuvenation therapies.

Who performs non-surgical cosmetic procedures?

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures are generally administered by trained medical professionals such as dermatologists, plastic surgeons, aesthetic doctors, cosmetic nurses, and in some cases, trained aestheticians. It's crucial to ensure that any non-surgical cosmetic procedure is performed by a qualified and experienced professional to ensure safety and effectiveness.

What is the recovery time for patients undergoing a non-surgical treatment for aesthetic enhancement?

While the recovery time can differ depending on your chosen procedure and desired results, non-surgical procedures usually present minimal discomfort and a short period of downtime.

What aesthetic treatment can help with pigmentation?

Several aesthetic treatments can effectively address pigmentation issues. Chemical peels and laser treatments like IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) can help reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation by promoting the turnover of pigmented skin cells and encouraging new, healthy skin cell growth. 

Additionally, topical treatments that include retinoids and lightening agents can also be used to treat pigmentation issues. To find the best treatment to suit skin type and manage your concerns it's important to consult with a professional before undergoing any skin care treatment plan.