Whatever your idea of flawless lips, ARMÉE Cosmetics provides you with luxurious lip care support to create a lip enhancement journey which is as flawless as it is fabulous! 

ARMÉE Cosmetics has collaborated with world-class lip augmentation specialists and makeup artists to produce a complete lip augmentation care kit that will 

give your lips the luxurious care it deserves and help you feel prepared and confident pre-and post-treatment. From procedure preparation to the new-look celebration, 

with the ARMÉE Cosmetics Lip Augmentation Care Kit you will have the confidence to conquer every day.

ARMÈE Lip Care Kit
ARMÈE Lip Care KitARMÈE Lip Care KitARMÈE Lip Care KitARMÈE Lip Care KitARMÈE Lip Care KitARMÈE Lip Care KitARMÈE Lip Care KitARMÈE Lip Care KitARMÈE Lip Care Kit
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Before, during and after your lip augmentation procedure, conquer your day with the ARMÉE Cosmetics Lip Augmentation Care Kit. Each kit includes:


Lip Scrub: A hydrating sugar scrub containing jojoba oil and shea butter to gently exfoliate and smooth your lips in preparation for your lip augmentation procedure. This scrub can also be used once your lips have settled and healed to keep them looking and feeling smooth.


Lip Hydrator: A highly effective hydrator containing a combination of hyaluronic acid, arnica and antioxidants. This unique formulation helps prepare your lips with intense hydration prior to your lip augmentation procedure, aids in the healing of possible bruising and swelling thereafter, and keeps them moisturized throughout.


Correcting Concealer: A dual-ended concealer to help you through the stages of bruising that may occur on your lips and surrounding skin after your procedure. Apply a small amount of the peach end to any dark bruises and the lavender end to any yellow or lighter bruises, making it particularly useful for areas ARMÉE's liquid lipstick might not cover.


Liquid Lipstick: Developed to bridge the aesthetic and cosmetic fields to give your lips a beautiful pigment with lasting matte coverage, while keeping them moisturized. Post procedure and beyond, it’ll soon be your favourite finishing touch. Available in 4 shades.

ARMÉE Cosmetics was born from a passion shared by a team of world class make-up artists and medical aesthetic experts working side by side in one of the most popular medical spas in the world.

Each product has been scientifically developed by a world renowned, USA-based cosmetic laboratory to ensure superior longevity, wearability, and results. Only the finest ingredients have also been hand selected to complement all stages of your journey.

Superior products to aid in treatment preparation and to inspire confidence by offering solutions to post-treatment redness, bruising, and swelling. From lip scrub refinement and pre-treatment hydration to post-treatment concealer and color coverage, ARMÉE Cosmetics allows patients to arrive at their aesthetic treatment feeling prepared and leave feeling confident during the healing journey and far beyond.

How To Use

  • For optimal results start with the ARMÈE Lip Scrub, lightly massage a small amount onto the lips gently exfoliate before removing with a warm washcloth. 
  • Follow by applying a generous amount of the ARMÈE Lip Hydrator to the lips to renew, soothe and smooth.
  • Should any color correction be required, apply a small amount of the peach end of the ARMÈE Dual Ended Concealer to any dark bruises or a small amount of the        lavender end to any yellow or lighter bruises for coverage.
  • Complete your look with your favorite ARMÈE Matte Liquid Lipstick color for a smooth and luxurious finishing touch of lasting coverage. 


Hyaluronic Acid

hydrating, wound healing, smooths skin texture, anti-aging

Arnica Montana Flower Extract

anti-inflammatory, speeds up wound healing

VITamin E

promotes healthy skin (such as moisturizing and

preventing wrinkles), helps with wound healing, reduces inflammation

ViTamin  C

antioxidant that can protect the skin from free radicals,

stimulates collagen production, and reduce hyperpigmentation

Citral & Citronellol & Geraniol

antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory

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