Suns out buns out
It can help you achieve better symmetry and shape, while at the same time giving you that nice lifted look! Our procedure was NOT designed to give you BBL results, here's what it can do for you:

🍑 BOOTY BOOST🍑 We are Allergan's #8 account in the nation and one of the only practices offering REAL JUVÉDERM butt and hip injections. This means you'll get a highly safe, top quality product that gives optimal results! Results last a year.


🍑Make it appear more perky

🍑Add slight volume, making it look fuller

🍑Correct, smooth dimpling

🍑Help correct asymmetry

🍑Help with hip dents

Suns out buns out:

• 10% off ANY of our Booty Boost Packages 

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